You can't really live in Austin these days and not recognize that homelessness is one of the number one issues in our city - from downtown to 183 to Wells Branch to Southpark Meadows to the Y in Oak Hill to Ben White, thousands of homeless folks find themselves without help and without a community of support, especially in South Austin. We don't have the all the answers, but we are committed to doing what we can to love our neighbors - those who have homes and those who do not. Sunrise is one of only a handful of churches in the Continuum of Care, which unites homeless agencies across the city towards permanent housing solutions, we're also recognized throughout the county as one of the most innovative and effective solutions to our city's growing homeless issues.

Against all odds, Sunrise has been leading the charge to transform the way Austin deals with homelessness, bringing humanitarian aid, connection to housing resources and many other forms of support to people experiencing homelessness in Austin.